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Montana Sky

Length: 455 pages7 hours


Lauren is leaving and running for her life...literally. She is trying to escape her husband, who is also a New York City Police Officer. With the help of her best friend, she escapes to Montana. Stepping off the bus she realizes this is just what she needs. After traveling thousands of miles, she is putting her past behind her. She only plans to stay long enough to make some money before moving on. It's too dangerous to stay in one place for too long. She has it all figured out until she meets him. Luke. The dark haired blue eyed man that has captivated her. Not only that, he saves her from a predator her first night in town.
Luke doesn't need the distraction of a beautiful woman. He's trying to keep his ranch going after his daddy died and left a mountain of debt for him to dig his way out of. Besides, it'd only been a few years since his fiancée and unborn child were killed in an accident. Then he met her. Lauren. The auburn haired beauty with piercing green eyes. He couldn't look away from her.
After that first night, feelings between them are strong, yet both make excuses of why it could never work.
Will love lead them to their happily ever after or will unforeseen dangers tear them apart?

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