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The Wisdom Vault: A Comprehensive Source Of Motivation

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In our journey and pursuit to find that so-called ‘true happiness’, we’re being misled by ourselves in understanding that happiness is freedom, an independent-state of fulfilling ourselves, our environment and mostly, our lives but the most important aspect that we always forget is, our heart. Asking our heart how to strive to be happy, doing all the things that we love, loving all the people that we love, living life the way we’ve always wanted to live. In spite of trying to put a positive thought of being a happy person with a happy life, how does one actually found happiness? There seems to be no foolproof formula or any deduced principles of how to be happy hasn’t yet been proved and deciphered. Certain part of happiness are subjective. Our objectives make up the rest of it.

We decide what makes us personally happy. What makes you happy will not necessarily make someone else happy; what makes the majority of a populous happy will undoubtedly produce an unhappy minority. There are certain things and of course, the things that society tells us we should have to be happy: a good job, a faithful partner, family, money, religion, success and the list goes on. Will achieving and having just one of these things make you happy? If you can obtain them all, are you fully guaranteed that you can achieve happiness for the rest of your life or for as long as you can keep them? Have you ever thought to ask yourself that?

The main core of being a happy human being is, you are the master of your own happiness. You have full control over things that make you content and joyous, or discontent and dissatisfied.

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