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Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth: Raise and Rebuild

Length: 137 pages1 hour


Misinterpretation: Prosperity on Earth is a study guide to utilize in the study of the Holy Scriptures to address the issues of financial lack. Twelve total chapters transform employees into entrepreneurs, as laid out in the bible as a design as opposed to a good idea...or...another option.Chapters 1-6, looks into some of the myriad psychological reasons of why most-in the body of Christ-suffer when it comes to money issues. There is an interlude, mid-stream of the book, which serves as a breaking point for readers to gather their thoughts and ideas-as they prepare to enter into the second half of the book.This portion of the read, chapters 7-12, answers that all-illusive question which surfaces in most financial publications; and that is...”What actions should I take from here?” Chapter seven begins answering with the title stating, The Purpose of Money.Finally, this book is filled with modern-day parables conducive for our generation for ease of understanding. There are mysteries hidden in the Holy Scriptures that are brought forth for this age. You will find this financial book to be a great teaching tool for all leaders!

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