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Journey From The East

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Get ready for a Kung Fu Christmas!

Bing, the warrior farmer, is summoned to the Royal court. The Chief Astronomer, Liu Xiang, is missing and Bing needs to find him. From the Eastern edge of the Kingdom he finds himself on an adventure, following a star, fighting for his life and seeking a powerful King.

This 'silk, swords and sandals' action adventure asks, "What if one of the Wise Men knew Kung Fu?" It is based on ancient and recent historical and astronomical research. 'Journey From The East' has been described as a road-trip, kung-fu, biblical, historical whirlwind that spans the silk road from China to the Middle East.

The Chinese believe that Liu Xiang who was a real and esteemed part of Chinese History was indeed one of the Wise Men that visited the young Jesus. This story is an imaginative and action-packed recreation of his journey.

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