Doing the Ordained Thing
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Inside of every person God created He placed a seed that has an instruction from Him of who He created you to be and what He created for you to do. No matter where you were born, whether on the wrong or the right side of tracks God has an ordained purpose for you. This purpose was sown into the fabric of who you are and if properly stirred and nourished you would naturally grow into the existence of the real you. Unfortunately, due to the pressures of the world around us, expectations of others, a divergent relationship with your Manufacturer, our ordained purpose either gets lost or is suppressed beyond all recognition. This book is inspired by the Holy Spirit to awaken, challenge and move you to begin Doing the Ordained Thing. You are not too young, old, poor, busy or tired to start walking into who you really are. Aren’t you tired of being someone else? If so, the pages in this book, if applied, will move you in the direction of Doing the Ordained Thing. Come along for the ride and see what the Lord has in store for you.
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