The Promise of Tomorrow: Embracing Life When Facing Illness flies above the face of cancer and defies the fear that so often accompanies it. From chemo to hair loss and the drone of an
MRI machine, this author poetically expresses an incredible view of living with illness. As part of her recovery and healing, Diane shares hope, love and a positive will to embrace life in order to go on.

There’s a poem at the beginning of this collection - “It’s just a breast: It’s NOT just a breast.” The words are riveting and real. That ultimately is the feeling that comes over me, page by page, as I read this book … Within this book can be found poignant glimpses of what it means to be truly human and fully responsive to whatever LIFE brings our way.

Minx Boren MCC – Master Certified Coach, motivational speaker, author of 5 books of poetry

Our inner conflicts are seldom outered beyond a hint to a close friend or to a therapist. Diane Bifano turns herself inside out for us. The rich imagery of her poetry illuminates an eerie world of disease and treatment, bringing understanding far more intense than mere vicarious experience. Though we descend to a nadir of surreal tests, medicines, and anguish, somehow we are lifted to hope, beauty, and renewal.

Dr. Roxanne Solomon, Adjunct Professor, Palm Beach State College
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