What are Heavenletters. and where do they come from?

David Hawkins, Ph.D., M.D., author of Power vs. Force, wrote that these new fresh daily messages come from “The Voice for God, the same Heavenly Source as A Course in Miracles.”

What are you looking for? Greater happiness? Greater sense of self-worth? An end to grieving? Getting out of the past and moving forward? Coming closer to God without working so hard at it?

In the first section of a series of Heavenletter E-Books, I Hear God Speak, The Story of Heavenletters, we learn that Gloria Wendroff, who has been receiving new Heavenletters every day for sixteen years, spent most of her life WITHOUT any thoughts about God UNTIL an insatiable desire for God took over, and she began to hear unstoppable messages. Through God’s coaching and her listening, her life took a 180-degree turn.

The second part of this first E-Book is devoted to 10 Magnificent Heavenletters from God -- and a surprise bonus. From more than 6,000 Heavenletters, 10 were chosen. The fact is that any 10 Heavenletters could steal our hearts and change our lives.

God asks only this of us:

Give Me your heart, not your mind. There is enough mind in the world and perhaps not enough heart. In any case, I ask for your heart. I wish to entwine it with Mine. Let Our hearts rub elbows. Sit down with Me a while.

Heavenreaders express results they experienced:

“After my 19-year old son died, Heavenletters showed me the way out of the dark and despair. It is not always possible to understand things that happen in our lives by using only our earthly mind.” Adela Hirose, Translator, Paraguay

“Heavenletters guide us to find our own personal truths. There are some tough questions in life, and Heavenletters get to the heart of it all. Heavenletters are profound, my reality, and sound advice for those of us who want to live happy, fulfilled lives.” Lance King, Vocalist, Owner, Nightmare Records, Minnesota

“For years I have looked outside myself to get answers. I am so grateful to Heavenletters, for now I trust that I too am capable of feeling the loving experience of my own Self.” Linda Russell, Massachusetts

“When my once happy son turned twenty, he became so depressed that for 3 years he would not leave the house. He would not leave his room. He would not talk. 3 months after God in Heavenletters gave me His advice and I took it, my son came out of his room, went out with his friends again and became again the son I knew...” Loretta, a single mother, Italy

Gloria says:

When God whispers His words and we read them, we expand. In my case, I feel Oneness with every one of you, who, by the simple act of reading Heavenletters, share and spread and strengthen our kindred sense of closeness with God. It's clear to me that you are God at work, creating greater sense of Oneness, for us all.

Readers of daily free Heavenletters come from over 71 countries in nine languages from all walks of life and from all religions or none, and, include:

Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author, Love, Medicine & Miracles. Bernie gives us the foreword to this ebook.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Caroline Sutherland, Medical Intuitive, Author, The Body Knows

Steve Farrell, Worldwide Coordinating Director, Humanity’s Team

Cindy Hurns, Freelance Writer, Co-Author, The Art of Healing

Cindy Buck, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul

God says:

"My Will is for My love to shine and to shine everywhere through you... Only your awareness of Me has to be reawakened, and for that you have your heart which touches Me greatly. As it touches Me, you are touched. Something happens between Us. It is your awareness that happens.”

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