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Dragon Light (The Chronicles of Shadow and Light) Book 3

Length: 382 pages4 hours


Dawn clashes with the dark, until moonlight fades away.

The dawn shall conquer.

The white light will fail . . .

However, there is hope . . .

Hope in another.

As the winding up days of the final showdown between the dragons commences, new alliances come to the fore, old alliances are strengthened, and the destiny of Terradin balances on the thin knife-edge of an elven queen with the power to make or unmake an entire world.

And then suddenly the unthinkable happens, and Auri discovers a secret so devastating that it shatters everything she knows. Everything she is.

Before the end comes, before the final battle-horn knells and the fire of the Rebel Dragons descends, she must somehow find the courage to be the White Queen of elven legend, the strength to face down the darkest shadows of Terradin, and the graces to heal all that seems irreparably broken.

For herself, and for the one person that she just can't live without.

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