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Dead Men Tell No Tales

Length: 117 pages1 hour


Joseline and Kyle have been friends since high school. During their senior year of college, Joseline develops serious feelings for Kyle and finds out he feels the same. Unfortunately Kyle is in a relationship with fellow classmate, Rebecca. This means that Kyle is faced with the task of breaking up with her. After the break up, Rebecca disappears without a trace. Believing she might have committed suicide a manhunt ensues with no success. A guilt-stricken Joseline begins having horrible nightmares involving Rebecca. Soon the nightmares seem to become reality when Rebecca's ghost starts haunting Joseline.
After Joseline confides in Kyle they decide they must solve the mystery of Rebecca's disappearance. The investigation causes an onslaught of paranormal occurrences. Both Joseline and Kyle begin questioning their sanity. They have to be able to solve the mystery before losing their senses completely. Or maybe they will find out they aren't going crazy after all.

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