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Sugar, Sugar: Daddy's Home

Length: 124 pages1 hour


All Nikki Baker ever wanted, was to find love. Simple enough, right? Not quite...
Nikki’s life takes a different direction than what she ever imagined. Trying to recapture the life left behind, she creates a series of drawbacks that include her former boyfriend, John Blendan.
She finds herself in the arms of John, only to have a romance that was short-lived.
Vulnerable, and afraid of being alone, Nikki turns to the last person she thought she wanted back in her life... her former Sugar Daddy, Michael Stiles. Startled by his affectionate acceptance back into his life, Nikki wonders if the problem was never the men she chose. She wonders if she is the one preventing the love life she wants.
Torn and confused by the realization, Nikki must decide what she really wants from a relationship. She needs to realize for herself what was holding her back all this time. Will Nikki ever find what she wants? Will she ever get the happily ever after, or always be unlucky in love?
This is an explicit, erotic novella intended for adult readers only! It contains graphic, super hot, sexual encounters between two great characters.

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