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Video Poker Profits From The Ground Up

Length: 184 pages2 hours


It is here! The second edition is now in your hands and at your fingertips! Revised and expanded with new strategy tables consisting of the more difficult to master but well paying versions of video poker such as “Aces & Eights” and “All American”, in addition to the nearly dozen Jacks or Better and wild card strategies present in the first edition, all of which will work just as well for those of you who frequent online casinos in addition to offline casinos!

Learn about video poker from an author who himself has made profit for years on video poker, even to the point of making a living for a couple years! These years of knowledge and insight gained through the transition from being a normal gambler who never really had a chance to ever win, to rarely ever having another losing session, are contained within these covers! The mechanics of the how’s and why’s explained in as simple terms as possible that most anyone can understand.

The author’s success was inspired by watching others continuing to be successful at video poker every time he was at the casino, and decided if they are able to do it, why can’t he? After learning all he could and duplicating the success for himself, the author began asking, why can’t everyone else? So here we are.

Don’t know how to play video poker? This book will teach you. Don’t think you can possibly ever win anything because your luck is so bad? This book will convince you otherwise since video poker is a skill game, you know.

Do you simply want to learn how you can lose less often and smaller amounts? For that matter, would you like to know how video poker can have an edge over the house for the player? This is the book to learn that too!It is never too late to find out what you are missing, and to prepare yourself so that you, also, can have “Video Poker Profits” of your very own!

-12 strategy tables for several types and varieties of video poker with different pay-tables, from common to exotic Jacks or Better varieties to Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild.
-The information is just as valid for Online casinos as it is Offline casinos!
-It is written starting with basics and working to more advanced concepts, but never too complicated for most people to understand or utilize. It is written with beginners and novices in mind. Even experienced players who might not understand why their returns are so poor!
-Whether you want to prepare for a vacation to Vegas, or whether you want to learn how to win more and lose less, less often; this is the book for you!

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