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The Conspiracy Of The US Government - Former FBI Agent Exposes The Dirty Deals of The US Government [True Story]

Length: 34 pages48 minutes


Does the US Government lie to people?

Are you told the truth about 9/11, or it is a carefully engineered lie to keep you in fear? What's the real motive?

What's the truth about al-Qaeda, and what the US Government had to do with it?

What's the real purpose of CIA and FBI in the US, and what they have to do with the "dirty deals" of the US Government?

You'll find all the answers in this book, plus more!

This book is based on a true story the US Government does not want you to know. A former FBI agent shares some astonishing secrets and deals of the US Government the American people or even the world does not know about. [Proof Inside]

A secret is not kept for long, especially in the world we live today.

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