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Mail Order Brides: New Frontiers (A Pair Of Christian Western Romances)

Length: 76 pages1 hour


Mail Order Bride: Free At Last In California -- Sick of the taunts from the inhabitants of her small town, above average weight Jocelyn had endured numerous insults since she was a small child. An ad for mail order brides spurred her to act and she wrote to the company and was matched up with a rancher in California who wanted a wife with a sense of adventure. She told him that she had that same sense and was looking for a new life, but she also omitted to tell him anything else about herself. Pulling into the train station, she almost dreaded what would happen after she met him. This is a story full of love and about what’s truly important in life.

Mail Order Bride: Give Love A Chance, is about a woman living in London who is to be married off to a man of her mother’s choice; a baron she has no feelings for. She runs off to the docks hoping to escape the situation, but sees him by the ticket office, searching for her. Making a last minute leap to a ship, with no idea where she’ll end up, she puts her faith in God that she’s made the right decision.

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