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Just Wonka finds us in early Summer 2013 and Owner is making all those steps forward that the Life Plan envisaged! She is tackling the drama of her life with Wonka urging her on, and surely the Bard Shakespeare would have turned it all into a play, invented new words, plucking a story from her jumbled up hopes and dreams ..a tragedy or comedy perhaps, whittling it all down to the fates...but hang on, Wonka is now without beloved Baba not to mention Golly, and may need a companion. But will he? It is a full time job advising Owner and goodness knows who is lurking out back. What with checking on Owner's state of mind and the dreaded finances, Wonka is pretty busy and could a holiday be on the cards........ take some time out with the ninth Wonka, and you too could be heading for the funny side of it...

Published: Madeleine Masterson on
ISBN: 9781310789793
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