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Through the Eyes of Dawn

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This is Dawn's story of her life with us. Dawn has had many adventures and has been the most tolerant dog I have ever known. Dawn has experienced many events in her life so far. The events of Dawn's life in this book are organized by seasons. Seasons represent the changes and interests of Dawn's life. Dawn enjoys different activities every season, so this book tells her stories through the seasons. Dawn has been a pet to a young couple, has adjusted from no children to three children all at once (my wife and I have triplet daughters), has lived with three different dogs, has coexisted with a cat, has been there when we built a new house, moved, and remodeled another house, and had made the move from a twenty acre yard in the country to a 2/10 acre yard in a subdivision. Throughout all these changes, Dawn has been consistently the same. Dawn has had many roommates along the way including Ginger, Bear, Maggie, and Oreo. The other pets will be introduced at points where their stories involve Dawn. The other pets will be introduced in the season where they became part of Dawn's life. This is the story of Dawn's life as she sees it. The story is told through the eyes of Dawn.

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