Single Again

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Single Again

Length: 322 pages3 hours


It seems like every time you want to do right, the devil makes it so easy for you to do wrong!

Darrel was once a smooth talking ladies’ man that hopped from bedroom to bedroom on a nightly basis and didn't give a second thought to breaking any woman's heart. All of that changed when he thought he’d met the woman of his dreams, sexy model, Brandi Brown. He quickly finds out what comes around goes around the hard way when he discovers his new bride under the sheets grinding it out with another man.

After the deception of his new bride Darrel attempts to take on a new leaf and play the role of the good guy for once, but after a few dangerous encounters from someone lurking in the shadows, it becomes apparent his ratchet past may not let him.

Single Again is loaded with enough drama to make your head spin.
Rod Cornelius is also the author of the urban books Diggin’ Gold, Ghetto Eyes and Ugly

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