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Guarding Abigail: Divine Sacrifice Trilogy, #1

282 pages3 hours


Please note that this book contains adult language and situations.  It is recommended for 18+.

Tell me if you’ve heard this before.  A Guardian, a fallen angel, a sensitive, and a human walk into a bar…..

Abigail Gentry knew her life was going to change when her mother lost her battle with cancer, but she couldn’t have possibly anticipated what that change would entail. 

   He’s been a Guardian and protector of the human realm for thousands of years, and Cillian’s giving it all up for her.

     She will discover her purpose on earth; he will discover the simplest of human emotions.  Abigail always thought she was just an ordinary woman, but oh, how she’s in for a big surprise.  Everything she’s ever believed will be shattered and the truth will set her on a course of good, evil, near-death experiences, demon possessions, and real love.

-Book 1 of the Divine Sacrifice Trilogy
-Approximately 72,501 words
-Includes a sneak peek at Saving Maureen (book 2), releasing in late 2014.

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