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The Water King's Bride: The Descendants Series, #2

203 pages2 hours


The Water King’s Bride continues the journey of Isaiah and Heidi as they prepare to wage war against the Darksygg; rogue elementals who want to possess every power as their own.  With Heidi’s father and townspeople missing, the brave princess is willing to do whatever it takes to save them-even if she must marry a man she doesn’t love.

New characters will be introduced and beloved characters will return in this fast paced adventure in which both the Ice prince and Fire princess have matured a great deal since their visit to earth.  Past mistakes still haunt them, present tensions peeve them, and future hopes drive their determination to defeat their newfound enemy and restore order to the universe.

Gaia help them.  They’re going to need it-especially when matters of the heart get involved.

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