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The World Revolves Around You: The Sovereign Era, #2
The World Revolves Around You: The Sovereign Era, #2
The World Revolves Around You: The Sovereign Era, #2
Ebook24 pages15 minutes

The World Revolves Around You: The Sovereign Era, #2

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About this ebook

It's the Sovereign Era, when the sudden appearance of men and women with remarkable powers -- Sovereigns -- changes the course of history and threatens the balance of power in the late 20th century... and Tony Fallow has a sticky problem: everything that isn't bolted down wants to literally be near him!


Fearing he must be a Sovereign, Tony travels to the Donner Institute for Sovereign Studies in the hope of being cured.


But as he tells his story to a human doctor working at the Institute, the boorish Tony soon finds his problem might be more complicated than he suspected, and bigger trouble than he could have imagined..!



THE SOVEREIGN ERA is Matthew Wayne Selznick's ongoing alternate history series presenting a mosaic of novels and stories detailing how the presence of super-humans changed the last decades of the twentieth century and the future of humanity.



0) Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights: "How It All Got Started" (free online serial)

1) Brave Men Run

2) "The World Revolves Around You"

3) The Sovereign Era: Year One

4) "Canary In A Coal Mine"

5) Pilgrimage

6) "The News From Bewilder Pond"

PublisherMWS Media
Release dateJun 14, 2013
The World Revolves Around You: The Sovereign Era, #2
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    Book preview

    The World Revolves Around You - Matthew Wayne Selznick

    The World Revolves Around You


    Matthew Wayne Selznick

    A Tale of the Sovereign Era


    The World Revolves Around You

    Thanks for setting things up for me, doc. That big white room worked like a charm – cleaned me right up.

    Dr. Kenner pointed loosely at the examination table. I'm glad. Have a seat, Mister Fallow.

    Disheveled, tattered and unbathed, Tony Fallow hopped up on the table. He shuddered and removed his scratched, battered sunglasses. He reached to touch the bridge of his nose and jerked his hand back as if he'd thought better of it. I'm sure glad to get out of that waiting room, too. I mean, I might have a little problem with this Sovereign thing, but at least I still look like a person. No extra eyes or bat wings or nothin', y'know?

    Dr. Kenner carefully studied his clipboard.

    The edges of the white paper on the examination table crinkled and curled, slightly, toward Fallow.

    He grimaced. Aw, here we go. Not five minutes. He spread his hands. What can you do for me, doc?


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