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Forever Now (An Erotic Romance)

94 pages1 hour


Jill North, owner and CEO of North-Tech Inc., has developed a unique erotic oriented video game, a game which enables all of your sexual fantasies to come true. It has taken the home video entertainment industry by storm, but despite her success and public accolades, she leads the life of a loaner. She spends her time building her business, with no thought of having a man in her life. Then, Blaine Thomas storms into her world and awakens her sleeping libido. He's heart stopping beautiful with deep blue, bedroom eyes, but he's a man harboring a secret and with a past shrouded in mystery. She must decide if she is willing to gamble her heart on this man, a man who has the power to wreck both her soul and her life's work. Given an ultimatum, Blaine must choose whether to risk a small fortune, for a questionable future with this woman who has seized his heart and taken it hostage. Passion and desire run high, but is that enough? An Erotic Romance Novella approx. 24,575 words long. Intended for mature readers only, 18 and above. 

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