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First Time Out Dogging (exhibitionist backseat public sex)

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Elaine's been trying to become more adventurous for years.  Fortunately, her husband Phillip is understanding and willing to help her through it.  Now they're in their car, down a deserted lover's lane in the middle of nowhere.  Just them, their bodies, and about ten other watching eyes.  How will Elaine cope with her first public sexual encounter?

Warning: This steamy 4,300 word tale contains a nervous wife, an excited husband, a crowd of horny onlookers, a running commentary, some amazing oral foreplay, and a thunderous climax.


Unbuckling his seat belt and his pants belt at the same time, over he came, and I cuddled him close to me.  It was a warm night, but his warmth was still very welcome.  And then he tilted my chin up gently, and we kissed, and I forgot everything.  We were the only people in the world.

Our tongues slid over and around each other's, and each second sent shivers and sharp shocks reverberating through me, activating my nerves, the sensations making me tremble with joy and anticipation.

And then we pulled apart, and I jumped.  There were people out there!  I clung to Phillip again.

“What is it, pet?” he said.

“They're there...” I said, hiding my face in his chest.

“Say the word...” he reminded me, and I took a deep breath.  “No,” I said.  “I'll be okay.  It's's one thing to think about it, but now they're actually there...”

“I know exactly how you feel”, he whispered into my ear, and I relaxed back into the seat, helping him slide it backwards to make room for both of us.  “That's exactly how I felt my first time, too.”

We kissed again, and I forgot them for a moment.  He stroked my face, and then we pulled apart, him laughing.

“What?” I said.

“You're blushing so hard”, he giggled at me.  “It's so cute.”

Of course, that just made me blush all the harder.  And then he was kissing me, and his hands were starting to move over me, and I surprised myself with a heartfelt moan.

“Wow”, he said.  “I've never heard you sound like that before...”

“What...what does it sound like?” I said, trying to get control back over my breathing.

“Satisfied”, he said, continuing to caress me gently.

“You think that was satisfied?” I said.

“That's not what I meant”, he said, beginning to unbutton my top, slipping a cool hand inside.  I gasped as it began to feel gently around my collarbone and chest.  I threw my head back and stared at the car roof as he began to go to work on me, revelling in the moment.

“I love you so much, pet”, he muttered.  That was going to be our next project; talking dirty.  He loved it, of course.  And of course, even thinking about talking during sex made me blush deep scarlet, and my throat dry up and close off altogether.

“I'm going to take your tits out now”, he said, and I was shivering again with the anticipation.exhibitionism, lovers, lane, public, car, backseat, couple

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