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When Tala wakes up three states away from home in the middle of a forest, all she wants to do is find a police station and return home. But the four large and hairy men who find her have something else in mind. Tala thinks they're crazy- a werewolf? Come on, those only exist in books and movies and bad adult movies...

But the four men have more and more startling news for Tala: female werewolves are rare, and if she doesn't join a wolf pack, more and more werewolves will come looking for her, and they might not be as understanding or compassionate to her new self discovery. The only problem is, to join a pack, she must wholly give herself, body, mind and soul to these four strange men, and after just escaping an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, she's not so sure she's willing to do that again.

This 4000 word story contains explicit adult content not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Inside these pages is a hot scene of a woman craving to be stuffed by four giant werewolves, and their eagerness to do so. Read at your own risk!

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