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So This Is Love (The Eden,Jude & Spencer story, #2)

113 pages1 hour


Eden has made her choice but it isn’t as simple as that. Even though she thinks she knows what she wants, she had failed to consider what the other party wanted.

Spencer is crazy in love with Eden to the point of it becoming an obsession. The once soft spoken Spencer has sent some serious doubts about who he really is. He isn’t the man he used to be or he never was the man Eden thought he was.

And Jude, Jude is young but also very wise. He has the amazing ability to see everything in a positive light that it makes Eden realise that age doesn’t equal maturity. And in the end his positive outlook on life suddenly makes sense to Eden when time is suddenly taken from their lives. 

As you enter the world of Eden, Spencer and Jude, you will discover that betrayal can be overcome, attempted murder wasn’t an answer and that secrets can totally change the course of their lives, but you will also discover passion, love and a happy beginning to the end.


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