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Writing Character-Driven Short Fiction

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Imagine, if you would, that a single simple change could radically improve not just the quality  of your (short) fiction, but - oh, why not? - the rest of your life, as well.

It's a nice dream, isn't it? It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of hope, doesn't it? Sadly, buying and reading this e-book isn't going to change your life, I'm afraid.

What will it do, then? Well, it'll make you approximately a dollar poorer, for starters. And it'll probably convince you that George Berger is in deep need of professional help.

There is, however, also a chance that Writing Character-Driven Short Fiction might just change the way you think about and approach the characters in your own books, particularly those of less than novel length. And if, by some small miracle, that change improves your writing, then surely one dollar and having to wade through the murkier reaches of Mr. Berger's psyche are a small price to pay for that large step forward on the road to riches and glory, yes?

Writing Character-Driven Short Fiction is seven thousand words of advice about creating interesting and unique three-dimensional characters - and writing stories about them - from the highly questionable genius of the author of 2012's (probably) best-selling novella e-book about a goat, and a whole lot of other stuff, as well. It also, as noted earlier, costs right around the price of a donut, and won't go straight to your thighs. So why are you still reading this description, when you're a click or two away from reading the actual book? :)

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