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Meet Matt Davis: The Matt Davis Mystery Series Anthology

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THREE great Ebook mysteries in a "boxed set. Includes:

AS THE TWIG IS BENT - Someone is raping and strangling women in the Chelsea section of Manhattan - but, who? The only clues: a distinct signature, a heart carved into each victim's breast containing the initials "J.C." and the initials of the decease; copies of the New Testament – with underlined passages referring to infidelity; and fingerprints of a juvenile arrested in the 1960s in Upstate New York.  This is the original book in the series and introduces Matt Davis, a NYPD homicide detective, hopelessly addicted to fly fishing - and chocolate in this explosive mystery thriller that exposes the sordid underbelly of the world of Internet sex chat rooms.

OPENING DAY - While fly-fishing for trout on his favorite stream, Matt, now the chief of police in the Upstate New York fishing village of Roscoe, stumbles across the remains of a body, barely recognizable as human, killed approximately six months earlier.  With no physical evidence, no I.D. and no suspects, it's up to Matt to not only find the murderer, but to also discover the identity of the corpse.  Opening Day is a 2012 Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree.

TWICE BITTEN - A local Meth dealer has many enemies, so it's no surprise when he is found murdered in the cab of his pickup truck in a parking lot used by fishermen.  There are lots of suspects and motives galore, but, after all are examined, Roscoe Chief of Police Matt Davis finds himself at somewhat of a dead end - that is, until he encounters the Trentweilers. Ron and Winona are Pentecostal preachers with cloudy pasts, who have made their way north through the Appalachian Mountains and into Matt's "backyard" in the Catskills.  To make things even more intriguing, they have lately begun to incorporate venomous snakes into their religious "act."  What secrets are this ex-convict and his spouse hiding in their respective closets?   Is Brother Ron exactly what he appears to be?  Is he a religious convert or just a con man?   And what about Winona?  Who is she and where did she come from? These and other questions confront Matt, as he once again comes face to face with murder in the sleepy village of Roscoe, NY.

Approximate length: 950 pages in print

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Perrone Jr is an author whose diverse background includes time spent as a sportswriter for a prominent New Jersey newspaper, the Passaic-Clifton Herald News, and also as a freelance advertising copywriter.  In addition, he has had numerous short stories published in the Mid-Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide.  From 1989-1999, Joe was a professional fly fishing guide on the historic Beaverkill River, located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State.   The nearby town of Roscoe, dubbed Trout Town USA, serves as the setting for three of the Matt Davis mysteries: Opening Day (a 2012 Indie B.R.A.G. medallion honoree)Twice Bitten, and Broken Promises (available separately, as are the other three).

In addition to the Matt Davis mysteries, Joe authored a fifth novel, Escaping Innocence: A Story of Awakening, a hilarious yet poignant look at coming of age in the tumultuous Sixties. His non-fiction works are: A "Real" Man's Guide to Divorce (First, you bend over and...)and Gone Fishin' with Kids (How to Take Your Kid Fishing and Still be Friends), co-authored with Manny Luftglass.
Presently, Joe lives with his wife of 32 years, Becky, and the couple's two cats, Cassie and Callie, in the mountains of western North Carolina.  As would be expected, Joe is an avid fly fisherman.  Readers may visit his website at: or follow him on Facebook (The Matt Davis Mystery Series, Author Joe Perrone Jr.) and on Twitter @catsklgd1.

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