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Trying To Save Money -Austerity Today

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If you run a household especially with a family, things are certainly tougher out there than they have been for some considerable time.
This short guide is not a cure all, it is intended however to advise a few things we can all do, some may be impossible for all, but some will be possible to achieve for all with just a little thought and time taken for example, when you go to your local supermarket.

Finding the money from your income to pay the bills for healthy food for your family, and to pay those ever climbing winter fuel costs, is more difficult now and constantly getting harder to achieve a balance.

Whilst this guide is primarily aimed at residents of the United Kingdom, there is a good chance that some of the suggestions contained here would be useful to other regions also.

As a credit analyst, my career effectively involved making decisions about what others could afford and either allowing them to make a purchase or refusing permission.
Ok so these were for substantial amounts but the basics of this can be used within the domestic budget, and I feel is something in life we should all try to do on a personal level when deciding whether or not to buy that luxury item.
Bringing up a family, as many reading this will know, includes those decisions about what your child needs and whether you can make the money stretch to cover things they want as against the things they need, but at the same time not wanting to feel they are missing out.

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