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Courted by the Billionaire Rancher (Cowboy Western Erotic Romance)

33 pages25 minutes


Veterinary worker Claire Maxwell is delighted when she's called out to assist the wealthy, handsome rancher Blake Collingwood with his prized show horses. What she didn’t expect was that the powerful, confident young billionaire would turn his sights on the young woman!

Before long, romance blossoms between the two. What will happen on the edges of his lonely ranch, miles away from civilization?


As she pulled up to the house, she saw Blake stand from his seat on the massive porch and approach her car. He’d been waiting for her. He tipped his hat in welcome. Butterflies flipped in her stomach as she turned off the engine. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been on a date, much less with someone like this.

Before she had a chance to open her door, he opened it for her and extended a hand. She kept her gaze lowered, swallowing hard as she placed her hand in his. The warmth spread across her palm. It seemed so much more electric than their first meeting, now that she was here only for him. She tried to breathe normally at his touch.

“You look lovely,” the huskiness in his smooth voice brought her surprised gaze to his. His expression was so heated that it almost set her on fire.

He helped her into his truck. She inhaled deeply to compose herself and watched the handsome man saunter around to the driver’s seat. He set his hat on the seat between them and ruffled his sun-kissed blond hair. A manly scent of sawdust and light cologne tickled her nose.

“You’re as impressive off the job as you are on,” he said as they started down a dirt path that led deeper into his land.

“And you’re as charming as ever,” she shot back.

He chuckled and flashed his impressive dimples at her. “You’ll have to forgive me if I seem a bit nervous. I’ve been in school for so long, sometimes I think I’ve forgotten how to interact.”

“I wouldn’t say that at all, Claire,” he glanced over at her with his stunning blue eyes.

“Well, I’m glad you asked me back,” she admitted. “And I hope we can help with Summer’s Glory.”

“I’ve no doubt of that.”

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