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The Funny Truth about Parenting (A Black Mother's Birdseye view on Parenthood)

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but I'm not sure how I feel about something I mentioned being said by someone else. I place the original version on hiatus for a long overdue edit because I need to figure out why my book wasn't selling. So with a new cover, more subject matter to discuss I offer my view of parenting again.
The funny truth about parenting looks at parenting from the point of view of Black Mother and a single parent at that. I left in my comparison of Dr. Spock vs Mr. Spock, I'm a huge fan of the original Star Trek. The book dicuss the New Generation Parenting which is absolute Madness going on out there in the U.S. What happen to the rite of passage? I'll tell you, our children refuse to leave home and take care of themselves. We have at least two generations of adult-children that believe becoming a manger at Burger King or McDonald's truly means they are going places. We lost the basic parenting skills that parents as young as fifty years old are the last of a dying breed that were taught Respect! What I see happening all around me is a Call to Arms, it's time for parents to take back control of there children. The book discusses the age of Time Out, the deep relations between parents and children titled the Revolving Cycle, Racism and so much more. The book weaves in and out of different subject matter and wraps up with All about V, a secret monologue between mother's and daughter's and finally, Being Born Black in America. Parenting is a job with MANY skills and still no respect, no Academy award and No Heads UP. I'm just a mom, a single mom, a black single mom and now I get to watch my child go through the same journey raising her children. So why not have a few laughs out of it.

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