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Night's Intrusion (The Nightmare Pirate Chronicles, #1)

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The Nightmare Pirate Chronicles:  Number One

Night's Intrusion

Mikaela is a perfectly healthy young black woman, recently graduated from college and working at an overly stressful job.  She's never really thought much about her dreams, because they were rarely memorable.

Her life starts to take a turn when her boring dreams turn into crystal-clear nightmares; she finds herself living through her greatest fears as a tall white man with a blurry face visits erotic horror upon her as she sleeps!

The waking hours of her life begin to suffer as her nightmares force her to endure the dangers of hitchhiking, hospitals, and terrors beyond reality.  

When the lines between her nightmares and her real lives blur and fade, can Mikaela endure the increasingly lustful attentions of the tall white man with the blurry face?  Or will she succumb to the fear that robs her of her sleep, and threatens her very sanity?

(Warning:  This book contains depictions of erotic horror; nightmare sexual encounters, medical situations, and inhuman monsters.  Adult readers only, please!)

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