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A Suckle For My Husband

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When the baby's asleep, Paul will eat!

WARNING: This work of fiction is intended for readers 18 years of age and older ONLY! It contains graphic depictions and descriptions of adult breastfeeding, messy lactation, intense oral and hardcore penetration between a new mother and her husband.

During her pregnancy, Elizabeth developed a fantasy of having her husband taste her breast milk. She could not figure out a way to bring it up to Paul, her husband, so she decided to do some research online. When Paul finds her web history, he figures out exactly what her fantasies are.

As soon as Elizabeth becomes a new mommy, Paul decides to take advantage of her large, full breasts to ensure that he never goes thirsty again.

An excerpt from A Suckle For My Husband:

I could feel a tingling sensation in my breasts and an aching, throbbing sensation deep inside me. He continued to suck on my nipples, occasionally stopping to play with them to keep them long and erect. As he slid his teeth up and down my nipple, he looked up at me and grinned. Holy hell, this was so hot! I could see a small trickle of milk in the corner of his mouth once when he grinned.

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