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Sleepover (Hot And Mean, #2)

46 pages37 minutes


After leaving a sticky surprise on his young mistress, mild-mannered, upstanding private school teacher Bernard Huff is in a world of trouble.

When she threatens him with exposure and damaging his reputation, he has no choice but to host her and her clique for a sleepover.

His fantasies are of nubile bodies frolicking while he watches but Mistress Brianna has denial, punishment and torture in mind...

This is a 10,000 word story featuring the humiliation, erotic denial and verbal degradation of a respectable man by his young mistress.

All characters depicted in this story are eighteen years of age or older.

“Yes, we have to be careful. I know you understa-”
“Maybe I should raise my voice,” she boomed, her perfect mouth opening wide to make the words shake the walls.
“Please, Miss Bri,” he begged. “Please don’t do that. Just please, tell me why you’re so upset.”
“You don’t know? I’m sure you had a good laugh about it.”
“I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
She cocked her hip, leaning over the desk where he sat.
“Seriously? Do you think I wouldn’t notice that I got your cum on me after I specifically instructed you not to? It took me a while but I felt it on the inside of my thigh, your filthyseed.”

She came close to him, her short, checkered skirt brushing her legs so wildly it seemed she had a tail, probably with a fork at the end. When she was that close, he could see she wasn’t wearing any stockings but was merely dark from tanning.
“Then I got home and I noticed a big sticky stripe down my back, like a skunk. You think that’s funny, Huff?”
“No, no,” he offered. “Not at all.”
Inwardly, he had to laugh. Of course it was funny; he knew that she knew.
“Maybe I should’ve swiped some of it, huh? Got it up in me.”
“No, come on-”
“Wouldn’t that be fun? You could watch me get bigger and bigger every day; there would be so many questions, Huff.”

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