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Sexy Misadventures Part 2

42 pages36 minutes


When Mia returns home to Cleveland after her steamy stay in Italy, she can't stop thinking about Carlo, but realizes life must go on. Late summer turns into autumn, autumn into winter, and try as she might, Mia feels listless and depressed, like her trip to Italy never happened. What happened to the magic? It disappeared. She tries to get back in the swing of thing, having a sexy night out with friends, but just doesn't feel herself. But things are about to change, when on a cold and snowy Christmas Eve she gets the surprise of her life. Will this be the best ending to a year yet, or will it leave Mia wanting even more? Find out where life leads her in part two of The Sexy Misadventures of Miss Mia!

Please note: This is a very short story (word count 10,000), with very adult themes, explicit sexual language and descriptions that may be considered objectionable to some readers. Suitable for adults only.

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