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The Cougar Takes a Chance

38 pages31 minutes


Carol is a forty-something property manager from Los Angeles.  Life's been hard for her; the only thing that she got out of her divorce five years ago was an expensive set of breast implants and a desire to keep herself fit and trim.

When Carol's friends start "the game," where they travel to Las Vegas in an attempt to bed the richest man they can find and acquire the most expensive gift, Carol resists the urge to use her fit, busty body to her advantage.  Temptations are meant to be given into, though, so Carol finds herself questing for a rich man she can coax into the sack.

When her teasing game goes dangerously awry, though, she finds herself at the hands of the mysterious "Mister G."  Soon, she finds herself entangled in a world of high-stakes gambling, wealth beyond her imagining, and dark sexual energy that she may never be able to escape from!

(Warning:  Contains frank depictions of sexual activity - Adults Only, please!)

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