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Turned Out by Aliens

33 pages26 minutes


Stan is a normal college student and athlete, living a protected life.  Inexperienced and relatively pure, he dreams of nothing more than returning to school after a trip home on winter break.

When he falls asleep at the wheel, he awakens blindfoled and bound in a strange place, naked and afraid.  What he then undergoes is beyond anything that he could ever have imagined; his mind and body are pushed to the limits of sexual pleasure and endurance.

Can Stan learn to accept the sexual attention of his male abductors?  More, can he learn to please them in return?  Or will he succumb to the bizarre and dangerous sexual experiments that have befallen all who have been abducted before him?

(Warning:  This book contains frank depictrions of homosexual relationships, restraint, and contact with aliens.  Mature readers only, Please!)

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