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Behaviour Modification

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This book brings to our knowledge the fathomless wisdom that God employs to ensure behaviour change through
the principles and practices of redemption.

Our God is a thinking God, and his thinking is based on his own logic – principles - whereby He executes
his agenda. It is that logic that He applied to ensure that the crowning work of his creation, man, behaves properly.
And the unveiling of that logic is the basis of this book, divided into three sections.

We need to be exposed to divine reasoning so that we can fully key into God’s divine agenda for our lives.
This book seeks to do that by exposing the need and imperative for behaviour modification- God’s way, in PART A.

The plan of God for behaviour change is encapsulated in one word- redemption. Explaining the meaning, basis, the actualisation and the effect is what PART B is all about.

PART C explains the practicality of the divine plan of redemption in its full measure and its bearing on behaviour change. Welcome to change.

Have you ever wanted or worked for someone’s behaviour to change for the better or sought for ways to better your own behaviour unsuccessfully? 

This book gives an answer to that need in a holistic manner showing forth the divine foolproof means of achievement behaviour change in your life and in the lives of others.

The church is presented as the centre of expressing and experiencing God’s supernatural technology for achieving behaviour change in people all across the world if it is done God’s way.

Topics covered include behaviour change systems, conscience and law, the instrument of truth and redemption.

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