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Hidden Truths

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A whirlwind of unforeseen emotional turmoil is revealed through the eyes of Malena Sanchez. In telling her own story, she introduces us to the lives of four other women who face, like Malena, a multitude of challenges in their ultimate quest for happiness. An array of hidden truths are discovered, as each woman confronts the complexities of her own situation.

From worlds apart, Ama’s path unexpectedly intertwines with Malena, who becomes her spiritual confidant. She emerges from a lifetime of misfortunes cast upon her by her ancestral heritage. Meanwhile, a life of addictions stemming from a childhood of abandonment forces Fiona to venture into uncharted waters, from where there may be no return. Circumstances beyond Giada’s control force her to co-exist in a world where women are viewed as prey. From the bitter depths of hurt comes a glimmer of hope that turns her sadness into joy. Does the sparkle of this rare gem fade too soon? Malena's sudden encounter with Olivia, a friend from her past, brings to light Olivia's pain of living a lonely existence, and she is later tormented by her decision to fill the empty void.

Finally, Malena’s past resurfaces in an accidental and sorrowful reunion. Despite Malena’s struggles, she remains an integral influence in the lives of her friends, continually rising above her own issues to become a source of strength in their journey.

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