Feral Mates

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Feral Mates

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (5 ratings)
Length: 44 pages43 minutes


Curvy Brianna realizes she's never going to be satisfied with her indecisive boyfriend. She craves a man like Luc, the sexy special ops hero on the cover of the magazines.

Luc has a secret that must be kept from the tabloids. It's not just his hot temper that he has trouble suppressing. When he loses control at a local restaurant, Brianna is the only person to witness his shifting into a fierce alpha wolf.

Brianna needs Luc's help, and she might have the key to helping the temperamental shifter in return. Their paths collide and passion threatens to overtake them. Will Luc remain in control, and will Brianna even want him to?

This is a standalone 10,000-word story.

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