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Tigress Book II, Part #2: Souls Aflame

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War comes for us. The Altaican Rakshasa face the Rewa, and the seclusion of our underground home in the Brindabella is not enough to keep the darkness at bay. The storm gathers all around us; the shadow of war, its fingers long, reaches into our lives.

It is a war we know we cannot win.

The conflagration, a raging fire, looms over my world. It is building, coming, and the seeds of this terrible thing are already in motion. The shadowy underworld of the Rakshasa churns as Shade takes control of the Rewa, leading them against us.

Now it is Hailstone and I, but things are more complicated than they seem...

Part VII of the Tigress serial.


"Tigress" is a Paranormal Romance serial with a hint of spice! Each episode is approximately 10,000 words. The episode guide is as follows:

Tigress: Book One

#1 - Passion Begins
#2 - Love in the Dark
#3 - Beating Hearts
#4 - Shadows over Love
#5 - Eclipse of Ecstasy

Tigress: Book Two

#1 - Rapture under Moonlight
#2 - Souls Aflame
#3 - Divergent Heart
#4 - Lover's Vengeance
#5 - Soulbound Destinies (coming soon!)

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