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Sweet Summertime

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Can you ever go home again?

Growing up, Genevieve spent her summers on an island off the coast of Maine. There she made friends, was kissed for the very first time, and fell in love.

Her friends—Sissy, Mac, Elliott, Dewey, and Meredith—were her lifeline back then. They grew up together, discovered the wonders and traumas of being a teenager guided by the wonderful Mrs. B., and promised to be forever friends.

But life had a funny way of taking all Gen held dear—forcing her away from her adopted home and leaving the man she loved behind.

Now, years later, Gen—along with the others—return to her beloved island to honor their treasured Mrs. B. However, going back is the last thing Gen wants to do. Can she face her past, her lost friends, and the man who holds her heart?

Is it too late to find the friendship they lost? And will Gen forgive herself and fight for the life she once dreamt of or let it slip away forever this time?

Read this tender coming-of-age story and heart-tugging reunion contemporary romance now...

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