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Hunny Labradoodle's Helping Hand is the compilation of the four short stories in the "Winnie and Hunny Speak" series.

Winnie and Hunny are two chocolate Labradoodles who live the good life in Australia, and talk all about it.

Winnie's first story begins with chat of "designer" this and that, but ends with a big, bad smell. She's an elite athlete, at the top of her game of fetch and catch. She's super fit, is Eveready for a game and often In Your Face.

Hunny is quite different. She's the compiler of this book, the arty one, not into sports and high activity like Winnie. She prefers to take life easier and have swims with the goldfish in the garden pond, or keep mum company.

Both "doods" are very helpful. They're great gardeners, in their opinion, they bark loudly at everything and they can even sweep, mop, wash the windows and carry the mail.

What more could a parent want?


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ISBN: 9781497775480
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Hunny Labradoodle's Helping Hand - Leonie van de Vorle

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we’re Hunny and Winnie, two chocolate Labradoodles who live with our mum in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia. Our story begins with Winnie’s arrival home, way back in November 2011. Her tale takes up the first half of the book because I didn’t arrive until she was about nine months old, then I have my say. So let’s get this story started.

Winnie speaks:

I was born in the Australian state of Victoria on the 1st of September 2011. I didn’t know it then but my mum was looking for a new baby. She’d had babies before, but they’re all grown up humans and have left home. She’d had fur-babies before too, and I think she was still a little bit sad about her last fur-baby Lea who went to fur-baby heaven in March 2011. She was an Airedale Terrier and she was really cool. She’s like my big sista fur-guardian angel in the sky. Mum doesn’t think Hunny and I know but every now and then we catch her looking at Lea’s picture, and we know what she’s thinking. We can feel the love they had for each other because we feel that love too.

Ha-hem, back to the subject. Oh yes, fur-babies.

The story goes, mum told us, is that one day about two years ago, she was having lunch with her friend Elaine. They were joking about being techno-grannies which is a bit of a joke really. Mum and Elaine are alternative lefties into natural ways of doing things, not mainstream at all.

Elaine is a granny to a fur-baby too, and they were having fun at their own expense as they do when together. At about that time Elaine had just bought a new iphone 4 and mum had a new android phone and they were comparing notes. They were talking texting and things techno which I’m not really interested in, but since this story related to me, I was all ears. One thing lead to another and next thing they were talking about having designer this and that.

Haha, as if that was them! I’ve only met and sniffed Elaine once and I knew something was up.

Mum said they started talking and joking about sitting at their café, doing lunch in their designer gear,-clothes, shoes, phones, dogs. Yep, right in the heart of very casual, small Queensland coastal town Yeppoon, nearly the last place you’d find anything designer

But right after lunch when mum was home, she got on her computer and googled Labradoodles in Australia. She didn’t tell anyone she was looking for me; she was only looking after all. She told us she also googled Airedales, Welsh Terriers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Poodles. She rang her Airedale breeder but she wasn’t breeding anymore. She rang other breeders, got lots of info off the internet too. She even drew little pictures to compare us against the heights of the other breeds. Just before she decided which size of us she wanted she made marks on the side of her computer desk for miniature, medium and standard. Talk about going into detail mum!

So it was settled and she decided to adopt me, a miniature chocolate Labradoodle. Whew! What a process. As it was, I knew I was very lucky because mum told us she wasn’t really going to have another fur-baby after Lea went to heaven. So thanks mum, I’m glad you did.


After all my adoption forms were sorted, the big day came for me to leave my old home and move to my new home with mum. I was going to fly, whatever that was. Apparently it was quite a big trip and I would be sedated. Didn’t sound like fun, and leaving home was scary, but hey, this seemed like an adventure didn’t it?

I was up early on Friday the 11th of November 2011 and given a NEEDLE. Hello! That hurt! Ouch, s-e-d-a-t-i-o-n. Ooh, sleepy now. I vaguely remember being put into a crate and then in a van to the airport. At the airport I went into a big plane which made a lot of