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Alcohol the Devil's Drink

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A giant and very profitable industry exists to satisfy the desire for alcohol poisoning. Alcohol intoxication causes many terrible accidents, and alcohol addiction (alcoholism) is the ruin of many individuals and families..

This book explains how alcohiol came about, and how it works to destroy many men and women. Alcohol is the agent in this world of our ancient enemy, the Devil. The Devil covers over his sharp barbed alcohol hook with drunken pleasure, and when the hook is lodged deep, he hauls in his victims, and sends them down to Hell by the boatload.

Be warned! The only way to safely avoid the Devil's alcoholic trap, is to just say no. Many a person began as a social drinker, and endeed up a hopeless alcoholic.

If you are already involved with alcohol, this book will tell you what to do. And, it also describes the Hells alcoholics go to/ If you are not involved with alcohol.good for you, just keep saying no, and stay sober. Then you will go not to Hell, but to Heaven. You will be eternally glad you did. Yes you will be.

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