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From The Beginning Until Today Turkish Poetry

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In 1909, in Haydarpaşa School of Medicine;-i military and Kadırga School-i Medical-i Mülkiye merging during the Unionists Military Medical School and the staff of 185 hotels in muallim and crew of the 158's is the last vermişlerdir.182 other Swatches, Unionist Education Deputy Sukru Brain (1926-in Izmir assassination attempt against him for his involvement is suspended) Darülfünun Director-public mathematician Salih Zeki depose have rust in the cabinet of the Minister of Education, Ali Kemal Bey period some fame and abolish some of the instructors is an end to the student during the nationalist receiving faculty members to quit the job force it is seen that happen due to the boycott school. Four and a half months as a result of the boycott; Europe and the States-i Osmaniye Münasebat was a teacher, Ali Kemal, Mabattüt-tabia and Bediiyat müderri Riza Tevfik, Turkish Literature müderri Cenap Sehabettin, Iran History and Literature was a teacher Hussein consult Guys and British Literature Mualla my Barsamian Lord of the Sultan, with the approval indefinitely is allowed

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