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Helen and Lalitha: The Lost Years

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This second installment of the earliest parts of the story of Helen, begins with Helen breaking up with the film actress Marsha Moore and returning to finish her senior year in College, where she meets one of the great loves of her life, a lovely Indian student, Lalitha. Over the academic year their love slowly grows, until it is abruptly interrupted by Lalitha being hauled back to India by her father.

Helen follows her love to her home, but she is too late; Lalitha is married off into a loveless marriage, and Helen slowly loses her mind, and winds up in a Catholic convent for ten years. After some misadventures, Helen has two seizures, and is shipped back to the US to be treated, and after brain surgery, loses her memory. The rest of the story is about how Lalitha finds Helen, and helps to restore her memory, but the renewed romance is ill-fated. This book partly sets the stage for Helen's later adventures, and introduces Lalitha and the two little girls Gena and Alison, who are a major part of Helen's life.

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