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100 Great Lines For Women To Put in Their Personal Ads: Bonus Edition – 3 Books in One!

42 pages30 minutes


Women, DO NOT write your personal ad before seeing this great collection of personal ad lines. You can combine lines from this book to make powerfully exciting paragraphs which will make men notice you.

This book specializes in making women look responsible, stable, compassionate, sexy, respectable and desirable.

If you're looking to get the man of your dreams, stack the cards in your favor, get this book!

(However it's still not a good substitute for an incredibly sexy picture!)

This publication contains three ebooks which are normally sold separately. Your ebooks are presented in this order:

1) The Absolutely Essential Guide to Understanding Elder Financial Abuse
2) 100 Great Lines For Women To Put in Their Personal Ads
3) The Ultimate Collection of Resurrections and Rebirths

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