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Gypsy Soulmate: Book one in the Destiny Series

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The Novel entitled Gypsy Soulmate is set in two time periods, late nineteenth century Ireland and twenty-first century America. The story is depicted around the lives of the three main characters; Roszalia the dark haired gypsy girl, handsome adventurous Gavin, future heir to O’Connor manor, and treacherous Devon O’Connor whose desire to possess Roszalia would lead him to do any deed, even murder. Gavin’s love for Roszalia takes him on a journey from the world he knows in 19th century Ireland to present day America. With subplots of murder, intrigue, gypsy magic, and time travel, Gavin must go to the future where he meets Rose, reincarnate of Roszalia, Willing to risk everything, even losing her forever, Gavin must follow his destiny to find a way to reunite their love and bring back his beautiful Rose to the past… or lose her forever.

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