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Art of Falling in Love with Your Time on Earth

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This book is a guide to help you become the wise master of your soul's development. Drawing from my own life experiences, I write about how difficult situations in our life can turn out to be blessings. The exercises included in this book are designed to aid in understanding the events of your life and how these events work to develop your soul. This book has two basic parts. I describe the events that created lesson in my life in part one. This includes how life lessons were brought to me and the knowledge and wisdom that i gained from each experience. Sometimes I knew what the purpose of each event was almost from the minute it happened. Other times it took years to realize what was happening and the purpose of the lesson i was learning. In the second part of the book, I describe the benefits of these life lessons by putting them together in an organized fashion. I offer the reader an opportunity to consider how following the suggestions made in part two would affect their own life.
Most people drift in the river called life with out making a plan to find the purpose to their lives. My book can create an awakening in people that they take control of their lives. If this was the last day of your life what is it that was important to you? Does your family know how much you love them? Do you love yourself?

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