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Ransom for Hire: Back in the Game

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Jack Ransom is a man who walks in a world of demons and monsters and things that go bump in the night. The world hat most people know nothing about. Men like Jack Ransom thrive there. Whether they want to or not.

Once upon a time Ransom was the best at what he did. A man who hired his gun and his special skills out to people and demons and things with no names, getting paid very well to do things no sane man would ever do.

He didn’t realize how much of himself he had lost to that world until a woman named Julia found him and saved him from himself. He was whole again. He was a complete man, with her. Their wedding was the best day of his life.

The worst day came when she was kidnapped.

When she was dragged into Hell, he lost himself all over again to a life he had tried hard to forget. To save her, he made a deal with the next best thing to the Devil. A demon with incredible powers, and an agenda.

Now the things he did in his past have caught up to him. The deal that saved his wife sucked him back into the game. The game of life and death, shadow and light, monsters and men.

Good and evil.

Jack Ransom will have to ask himself how far he’s willing to go to keep the woman he loves safe. Killing, cheating, stealing? Minor sins, compared to what he might have to do.

The demon Al'Gamesh is an unforgiving master. And the chain he holds around Jack Ransom's neck is beginning to strangle him. 

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