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Joining the Gang: A MMF Motorcycle Club erotic tale (The Cardinal Gang, #1)

31 pages26 minutes


Cassie’s tired of her life.

She’s tired of being a waitress, waiting on sleazy customers for no pay and a constant barrage of groping. So when a group of four big, bearded, burly bikers come sauntering into the bar, she ignores her manager’s disapproval and starts chatting.

Next thing she knows, Cassie finds herself sitting on the lap of a massive biker, known only as South - and he’s got his hand down her pants! The man’s utter confidence is sexy as hell, however, and when he offers Cassie the chance to leave the bar with the other bikers, she finds herself compulsively drawn to say yes!

Cassie has no idea what she’s getting herself into. After a motorcycle that’s one giant, vibrating ride of ecstasy, she finds herself in a motel with the other bikers. South is behind her, peeling off the last of her clothes - but the other bikers have their eye on her too…

In this sexy hog of an adventure, Cassie finds herself swept up in a host of sexual escapades. This 7,000+ story is intended only for adult readers who can handle the heat and punishment of a real motorcycle ride!

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