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Loving a Fighter: A Brawling Fighter Erotic Adventure

36 pages31 minutes


“I watched as the man threw a heavy punch into the face of his opponent.  There was no mercy there.  Nothing but raw power and rage.  Yet for some reason, I felt a surge of desire bloom within me…”

Anna has a lot of doubts about this evening out.  It’s only been a few months since her breakup with her abusive ex-boyfriend, and she hasn’t yet found a man who makes her feel safe.  In addition, her roommate Claire has picked a sketchy and sleazy bar to visit.  This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

But when the two girls stumble into a backroom brawl, complete with frenzied bettors as two men slug it out in a flurry of punches, Anna finds her gaze drawn to one of the fighters.  Cain, she soon learns, has just as many issues as her.  But he’s also big and powerful, and seeing his raw and masculine strength makes Anna feel emotions that haven’t been present in months.

Does Anna have a shot with this hulking, muscled man?  Or is he just too aggressive for her to handle?  This fighter themed erotic short story is intended only for adult audiences who can handle a man willing to step into a fighting arena and put it all on the line!

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