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Shoe Shopping: Foot Fetish #1

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I’d been dragging Kyle, my best friend, all over the mall. His arms were burdened with all of my shopping purchases. So when I remembered that I still needed a pair of dress shoes for my new job, I was expecting him to complain, to gripe and demand that we just give up and head home.

To my surprise, however, Kyle seemed eager to head over to the shoe section! And when I grabbed a few pairs and headed back to the dressing room to try them on, he followed me like a lovesick puppy, his eyes focused on my feet.

I never realized it, but apparently my best male friend has a major foot fetish! Who would have guessed? But now that he’s kneeling in front of me in the changing room, sucking on each of my toes as he works his fingers up my legs and beneath my skirt, I’m definitely not complaining. I’ve been gifted with pretty nimble toes. I wonder where I can wriggle them into…

Warning: this story is filled with sexy foot worship, and is intended only for adult readers who can handle the heat! So sit back, prop your legs up, and let your mind escape...

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